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January Announcements

-- Students can bring a rock to class this upcoming Friday (January 12th)!  We will be discussing erosion and weathering, so a variety of natural-looking rocks would be preferable.
-- Musical Monday will be on January 28th!  This time, students may prepare any musical number they would like to share that is in German or has no text at all.  They are welcome to bring their musical instruments with them on that day.
--Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City is currently accepting entries for their annual Spring Poetry Contest from Utah poets of all ages. It has a youth division for students ages 5-17 as well as an adult division for ages 18 and up. This would be a wonderful opportunity for our young students to be published early on!  If you parents enjoy writing poetry, you are welcome to submit something as well in the adult division.  More information is available  at the following link: