Lisa Cutler » History Has Its Eyes On Us

History Has Its Eyes On Us

“History Has Its Eyes on You”


More than being part of a song title with its own connotations and meaning, this phrase could be an impactful theme this year for all of us. As it caught my eye and thoughts, I could not help but realize the actions we take THIS year during THIS time with all that is happening around us can truly make a difference. My hope is that history’s eyes will find us a people who continue to rally together no matter the circumstances.


As we navigate this school year, I believe we can make history proud as we work together through problems unafraid to talk about what worries or bothers us and do our best to work with one another and each individual. It won’t be perfect. We will disagree about different things. We all know that, but it CAN be done thoughtfully and with care.


I know we will make mistakes. I know I will make mistakes, but I want each of my students, parents, and colleagues to know that I will try all I can to listen and adjust what we can to meet the needs of individuals. That has always been Summit’s mission and my personal desire. I am dedicated to living that with all of you the best we can!


-Mrs. Cutler




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