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8th grade CCR Link

CCR's are available from now until February 6th 2015. Please schedule your student as soon as possible to ensure a time that you will be able to attend. Thank you!

Welcome to the Summit Academy Counseling Center webpage. Counseling services are available for ALL Summit Academy students.

There are several ways to visit with the counselor. At the junior high, you are welcome to stop by Mrs. Vance’s office between 8:15 and 3:30. However, she may not be in her office as she often spends time in the halls visiting with students, in the College & Career Center, and in the classrooms teaching guidance lessons. If she's not there, please phone (801.572.9007), email [email protected] or stop by the front office to make an appointment.

At the elementary school, you will find Mr. Snyder in the classrooms teaching guidance lessons, lunchroom hanging out with students and on recess playing games. He can also be reached by calling (801.572.4166), emailing [email protected] or stopping by the front office to make an appointment.

Summit Academy follows the Utah Model Comprehensive Counseling & Guidance Program (CCGP). Our mission is to have all students graduate from high school with the skills, knowledge and disposition essential to be college and career ready. The program focuses on four main outcomes for students:

Life/Career Development
Personal/Social Development
Multicultural/Global Citizenship

All students participate in the CCGP through (1) School Guidance Curriculum which provides instruction in the classroom to develop the skills needed to be successful, (2) Individual Planning where students, parents, and counselor meet together to plan, monitor, and manage the student's learning activities as well as develop goals for the student's future, and (3) Responsive Services which meet the immediate concerns and needs of the students with an emphasis on prevention.

All students at Summit Academy will meet with the school counselor at least once each year.