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Greetings, fellow book dragons!

My name is Mrs. Mock and I am the librarian at Summit Academy Independence.  I have been working in libraries for the past nine years, five of which have been here at Independence.  Introducing children to the written word is my passion.  I want your child to grow to love reading as much as I do, which is a lot!  Students have asked me in the past what my favorite genre is, and I tell them that that would be like choosing my favorite child.  I do tell them my top three favorite genres, though, which are fantasy, science fiction, and mystery. 
In this library, students will learn about research, discover new genres, poetry, and a deep love of reading.  Your students will learn how to access the Alexandria Library page, where they can check and see what books they have out, put books on hold, and check to see what new books have been added to the library.
I look forward to spending time with your student this upcoming year!
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