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End of Year Checkout Schedule

Please see the checkout schedules below. K-6th will be Tuesday and Wednesday with Jr. High on Thursday.

Students will enter through the main doors and get instructions. If you have borrowed a chromebook, please make sure that it is charged and turned on for a quicker check-in process. Please also maintain social distancing while in the building by keeping 6 feet apart, and wear a mask if possible.

Items to bring:
Chromebooks (if checked out)
Library books
Text books, independent reading books or classroom supplies
After school band music
Sports Uniforms
Any other Summit Academy owned property

Be prepared to pay any outstanding fees such as lunch, registration or class fees and lost or damaged books.

Please remind students to move quickly to keep the process smooth and safe. We will not be able to socialize during this time. We are planning social events with social distancing as soon as possible like yearbook signing for junior high. We will also have our last day teacher drive-thru Friday from 9-10 a.m.

Elementary (K-6th) – Last name starts with
Time Tuesday - May 26th Wednesday - May 27th
9:00 AM A's Le-Man
9:30 AM Ba-Bo Mar-Me
10:00 AM Br-By Mi-Ne
10:30 AM Ca-Cow Ni-O
11:00 AM Cox-Di P-Pl
11:30 AM Do-E Po-Re
12:00 PM Break Break
12:30 PM Break Break
1:00 PM F-Gi Ri-Sc
1:30 PM Go-Hal Se-Ste
2:00 PM Han-Hol Sti- Tom
2:30 PM Hon-Joh Ton--Wh
3:00 PM Jon-La Wi-Z

Jr. High Grade and last name starts with
Time Thursday - May 28th
8:00 AM 7th - A-B
8:30 AM 7th - C-D
9:00 AM 7th - E-G
9:30 AM 7th - H-J
10:00 AM 7th - K-L
10:30 AM 7th - M-O
11:00 AM 7th - P-R
11:30 AM 7th - S-T
12:00 PM 7th - U-Z
12:30 PM Break
1:00 PM 8th - A-C
1:30 PM 8th - D-G
2:00 PM 8th - H-L
2:30 PM 8th - M-P
3:00 PM 8th - Q-S
3:30 PM 8th - T-Z
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