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Mrs. Page's Math

Connie Page
Second Semester 2018-2019
1st Grade

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6.3  Understand Tens and Ones
First, the student writes how many tens and ones are shown in the model.  Then, the student writes the same numbers in expanded notation.  Third, the student writes the number represented by the model.
The answers for number 1 should say:
1 ten  8 ones
10 + 8
On #3, students may use pictures and numbers combined to show the number four ways--not four of each.  One possibility would be:
o o o o o          6 + 6          10 + 2          14 - 2
o o o o o
o o
6.5  Tens
On number four, please encourage the student to count by tens to figure out the answer.
On number five, the student will draw a quick picture, which is a straight stick to represent 10 and little circles to represent the ones.  Since this problem has only even tens, the answer should show three sticks and look very much like three tally marks.